Walking is not just about discovering new places, it's about discovering new people and new experiences. It is all about returning back home with new views on life, people history and time. 

I spend hours and hours researching, documenting and delivering my tours.


My tours cover the darker, gruesome side of our City's history but it is real and it is fascinating. 

Don't take my word on how great my tours are - below was written by Sylvia from Coventry.


"If you have never been on one of Jo's tours, I can only say you are missing something if you are interested in the history of Coventry.

Even though Jo is not from Coventry herself, she knows more about our city than most of us who were born here, she brings our history to life in a fun way making it interesting to all ages, I have been on quite a few of her tours & can highly recommend them".





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"I don’t think there’s anything Jo doesn’t know about our city! From general historical facts to unusual, funny & incredible! She’s passionate about her tours, includes everyone, makes it fun & draws you in. Highly recommended."

👻 Debbie & Libby

"Once again - thank you, Jo! We had a fantastic time and kept talking about it the whole evening :) it was all worth it to walk with you in the rain and the atmosphere was just right. Looking forward to booking another tour! You're amazing". ​
Justina - Lithuania

"Should you be in Coventry and/or get the chance, go on a Hideous History tour. Went on one over the weekend and it was brilliant. Great guide, loads of info, both historical and spooky.​

Well worth a go!!"​
Mark - Coventry