"Jo is a highly knowledgable, very entertaining guide and one of the very best story tellers I've ever had the pleasure of listening to. She really brings history to life and makes it real, like you were there all along. we have just come back from the Hideous History tour and we brought along our 11 year old. He does love his history, but he hung on her every word! the talk was tailored to the group, timed to perfection and thoroughly enjoyable. would definitely recommend these walking tours to everyone. especially locals who are cov born and bread...you will be amazed at the little jewels of history and stories right under your nose! thank you for having us Jo, and we look forward to the next one" ❤

👻 Claire 

"Thank you so much for delivering such an amazing ghost tour to our students, it was great and me and Lauren loved it".

👻 Chloe

"Jo hosted a ghost hunt investigation at Fort Burgoyne Dover on Saturday 16th November. Jo and her team really took care of us and made sure we had a good experience. Very friendly and encouraged us to take part in the investigation. Fab night". 

👻 Dawn

æJo came to give her talk on Mary Ball to the residents where I work. They absolutely lived it and insisted I book her again soon (which I have done) next talk is going to be on the forgotten air raid complete with slide show! Brilliant activity for any care home".

👻 Amanda


"Jo provided an in-depth enthusiastic tour of Coventry. I was fortunate to be the only person on the tour that day so I had a personalized tour. Jo went out of her way to let me see medieval underground vaults and a watch worker quarters in a crumbling house. All very fun and highly recommended. The destroyed cathedral for me is awe inspiring and worth the visit".

👻 Barry

"I can't stress enough what a fantastic job Jo does. Her knowledge is amazing and she tremendously added to my visit. I only wish I lived nearby for I would go to EVERY talk she was a part of".

👻 Kathleen

"Amazing tour even in the rain thank you"!

👻 Carla 

Fascinating Insights into Coventry - A really interesting tour around Coventry, with great insights, fascinating stories and it felt like we took a
step back into a different time period. We thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it.

👻 Hannah


"Very lovely tour, Jo had so many stories, historical and cultural facts, also some fun facts but my favourite was watch museum part with ghosts" 😁

👻 Mia


"I don’t think there’s anything Jo doesn’t know about our city! From general historical facts to unusual, funny & incredible! She’s passionate about her tours, includes everyone, makes it fun & draws you in. Highly recommended."

👻 Debbie & Libby

"It was a very informative experience.  It was a very exciting history class.Enjoyed it tremendously".

👻 Nicole



"I wanted to thank you again for a spooky ghost tour, my friend Ellie and I loved it"

👻 Cameron 

"The tour was fantastic, thoroughly recommended" 👍

👻 Andy T - Coventry


"Thanks, Jo. We all enjoyed it and they were all talking about it when I left. I’m definitely going to book myself on one of your tours and I’m still thinking about poor Mary now!"

👻 Kim - Coventry - Residential care home talk



"Just a note to say thanks for the tour today, dad and I both enjoyed it very much.  You clearly know your stuff!"

👻 Alan - Nuneaton


"We really enjoyed it thanks - very informative!"

👻 Laurence - Coventry


"Had a great night, will definitely do this again".

👻 Debbie - Coventry


"It was brilliant, loved every minute of it. Thank you, see you soon".

👻 Sharon - Coventry


"Once again - thank you, Jo! We had a fantastic time and kept talking about it the whole evening :) it was all worth it to walk with you in the rain and the atmosphere was just right. Looking forward to booking another tour! You're amazing". 
👻 Justina - Lithuania


"Should you be in Coventry and/or get the chance, go on a Hideous History tour. Went on one over the weekend and it was brilliant. Great guide, loads of info, both historical and spooky. Well worth a go!!"
 👻 Mark - Coventry


"Can't wait for the next tour! Really enjoyed it. Thank you" 
👻 Post Scriptum - Coventry


"I went on the Execution and Hangings tour last night. Totally fascinating the things that went on in Cov. Things that I’ve passed hundreds of times but never really looked. Loved it".
👻 Michelle - Coventry 


"Jo makes her tours interesting & fun. Her passion for history & our city clearly shows. We learnt so much, can’t wait to do another one". 
👻 Debbie - Coventry

"Had an absolutely fantastic afternoon/night at the watch museum after dark event. Loved hearing about the history of the cottages and what happen While ww2 happened. Jo knows her stuff and more especially a lot of details most people wouldn’t. Can not wait till next time. 5 stars". 
👻 Paul - Coventry


"We had a thoroughly good time walking the streets of Coventry city centre. Learning some interesting, creepy and spooky facts. Jo was a wealth of information and very entertaining'. 
👻 Phaedra - Coventry

"What a great tour, I took my children on the Coventry ghost walk, designed for all ages.
I wanted to take the kids to something different this Halloween and this walk was perfect. 
We had great ghost stories, saw the city in a different light and had learnt some amazing facts about Coventry. My 8 & 12 year old loved it! Jo was a great guide. very accommodating, fun and knew her stuff, money well spent. Can’t recommend enough". 
👻 Munira - Coventry

"Awesome walkabout with Jo tonight on her Unknown Tour, the name says it all where the tour took you from one place to the next on an Unknown Route leading to the surprise of the tour which I can’t disclose as I don’t want to spoil future walkers!! Jo brings knowledge and research with her along with her bubbly persona and dressing up adds that final touch of history, thank you Jo and I am definitely tagging along next time". 
👻 Karen - Coventry


"Thank you for another very interesting tour Jo really enjoyed it".

👻 Janet - Coventry

"A really interesting talk, Jo has done an amazing amount of research into the life of Mary Ball & her trial, today's talk is the first time she has given it, & her deliverance & attention to details shows her dedication to the history of Coventry, I am looking forward to the other projects she is planning". 
👻 Sylvia - Coventry


"Fab tour. Thank you".

👻 Katie - Coventry


"Thank you, Jo, for an enjoyable ghost walk".

👻  Beverly - Coventry

"Brilliant two hours spent on the ghost walk. Learnt a few new things and were thoroughly entertained. Looking forward to joining you again for one of your other tours"! 
 👻Jayne G - Coventry



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