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1832 the Anatomy Act came into force.

Previous to this, medical schools were dissecting legally using corpses supplied by the courts.

In the 1800s those being executed were not enough for the medical schools and institutions - 500 cadavers were needed annually and approximately 56 were being sentenced!

This resulted in The Resurrection men taking action.

On the Bodysnatchers - The Resurrection Tour I share all things morbid and macabre about the men involved in body snatching, how they sometimes got away with it and the techniques used.



On this walking tour learn about death & darkness in our City over 700 years including the plague, child infancy, two eerily similar murders in one location, one of the Country's last remaining bone houses and the woman who was buried alive!

This tour takes place every first Friday of the month.

Please note: we meet outside Kirby House (Citizens Advice Bureau).


All is not what it seems on this creepy, morbid tour that reveals its hidden, hideous history of all things hallow. 

This tour takes place every second Friday of the month.



How gruesome is gruesome?

Kirby House - a beautiful building standing proudly in Little Park Street more famously known today as the Citizens Advice Bureau.

But, do you know about it's hideous and morbid past?

On my executions and hanging tour which is taking place later this month I will tell you tales about not one, but two eerily similar murders that took place within this quiet, unassuming building and why I call it our Amityville House of Horror here in Coventry.  Learn about real people and real history, their crimes and the time. 

If it isn't haunted. It should be! Book your place today to learn more.

This tour takes place every third Friday of the month.



This tour talks about all things spooky in the City. Learn about the time Spring Heeled Jack was seen in the City, hear about a child murder case that was disposed of and how half-decomposed corpses were being exhumed in 1841 and why.

Book your ticket today.

Hideous History MARY BALL talk

1849 - female hangings are on the rise. Mary Ball is the last woman in Coventry to be hanged. Join me on-site at Cuckoo Lane where 20,000 people watched the public hanging. 

Learn about Mary, her tumultuous relationship with her husband Thomas and her executioner.


Time Gone By Ghost Walk

Join me as I take you on a slow 2-hour walk where you will learn about Spon Street suicides, disembodied voices and the story of a woman whose tongue was slit...never to speak again or does she? Over 10's only.


Anti-clockwise Ghost Walk

The anti-clockwise ghost walk takes a different route and talks about the infamous ghost of St Marys Guildhall, the charity shop spirit and more! Over 10s only.



Access Coventry Watch Museum After Dark and learn about the last known resident, who resides there now and the tales of the last three remaining cottages. Learn about the book that fell out of the floorboards and revealed a past resident and a tale of Coventry's first ever serial killer.


Not suitable for under 10's.


Medieval Spon Street Tour

Take a trip through time and hear all about Spon Street and its surroundings. Learn about the residents who lived here, the harshness of life, suicides and deaths. Learn about the buildings, their uses and whether they are right or wrong.


April 1941 Forgotten Air Raids

On the nights of the 8th and the 10th April 1941, Coventry suffered 2 large air raids. Although these raids between them, killed many people, Coventry is remembered more for the previous November blitz.  This walk will take you on a journey through some of the events of those evenings. Find out where the bombs landed, and the damage that was done. Hear the stories of the people, the triumphs and the losses.


Unknown Tour

Starting at Ford's Hospital this tour will take you on a different route. You will learn about the Blitz, the progress of modern architecture, the story of Cow Lane, Dead Lane, Whitefriars Gatehouse and the Unknown Medieval House.


Ramble Around Radford

Let's Ramble Around Radford together - we will take in the sites and history of Radford Recreation Ground, Daimler site, St Nicholas Church, The Savoy Cinema and Jubilee Crescent with a few stops in between



Download and take a family walk - find the clues, learn interesting historical facts and visit buildings that all have a tale to tell.